Yarn story wha?


What is Yarn Story podcast?

Whether we're spinning yarns or unraveling them, Yarn is a storytelling podcast. Unwind with short stories, dramas and documentaries. Featuring descriptive narration, voice acting talent and original music.

We went to the ITVfest in Vermont. Listen to what happened here:

Should I listen to the episodes in order?

Nah, they're not episodic. I just like numbering things. Start with whatever takes your fancy. 


Who are you?

John Roche (Me) - Amateur writer, amateur sound recorder and amateur editor. Professional Designer. Most of my stories are based on real life but if you think you recognise yourself or anyone in them, then that bit is made up.

Dermot Tobin - Avid historian, he loves saying what date things happened on and is dedicated to accuracy (something we need more of these days). His stories are more like docu-yarns. I like his silky smooth voice and his cheeky ad-libs always crack me up.

Ciarán Dunphy - Or Drembot, provides original music scores for Yarn. Haven’t managed to get his voice on any stories yet but it’s only a matter of time.


Who do the voices belong to?

Yarn has been very lucky to work with lots of great voice acting talent so far. Some professionals, some enthusiastic amateurs and some we dragged kicking and screaming:

Ricky Burgess, Laura Mary Byrne, Lorcan Cranitch, Hazel Fahy, Gary Foley, Andrew Gillies, Claire Hall, Ibrahim Sorie Kabba, Mairead McDaid, Joe Jameson, Mary Looby, Michael Norton, Róisín Ní Chéileachair, Bryan O Regan, Niall Ó Siadhail and Clare Taylor.

What’s Thread Radio?

Yarn's Recommendations Radio Show exclusively on MixCloud.
Over on our twitter feed we like to make a lot of recommendations - podcast, movies, documentaries, you tube channels, music.. basically anything that makes a sound.

We’ve decided to try something new - A radio programme. Dedicated to recommending our favourite audio delights. It’s called Thread Radio. We’re releasing it on MixCloud because on MixCloud we can play music in full – just like on a regular radio show.

We’ll still be releasing all our regular Yarn episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

So head over to MixCloud and listen to Thread radio.



Can I send you a story?

If you’ve written a story and want to record it for the Yarn story podcast, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email to yarnstorypodcast@gmail.com


I'm from a big fancy radio station and/or an internationally renowned podcast. Can I feature one of your stories on my programme?

Yes. Yes, you can.

I’m a voice actor looking for a gig. Got anything? And do you pay?

Great! Yes and yes we do. We’re looking for actors for the characters mentioned in these future projects:

The Famous Spy

Zero hundred hours, a field in Co. Meath, Ireland, 1940. A lone figure has just parachuted to the ground. He’s lost, he’s confused and he’s wearing a German officer’s uniform.

This is the true story of Herman Goertz. The Nazi spy who landed in neutral Ireland during the war on a mission to organize a combined IRA/German invasion of Northern Ireland. Or is he? He says he’s landed here by mistake and all he wants to do is get back home.

Goertz’s time in Ireland has become something of a legend. This story is based on his own written accounts and recently declassified British and Irish secret service files.

The story is full of ridiculous plans, double crosses and crazy characters. It’s an amazing snapshot of a very interesting time in Ireland’s history. Through Goertz’s eyes we learn about the attitudes of normal people towards the new Irish state, the uncomfortable truths people dealt with after a vicious civil war and how Dublin during WW2 became a centre for bohemian artists, English draft dodgers and covert espionage. 

This is a very special two-part Yarn drama with a cast of 20 plus actors.
Must be available to record in Dublin.

If you’d like to lend your voice acting skills please email us at:

*Especially if you possess a:-

- Male German accent

- Female posh Irish accent

- Male posh English accent

- Male American accent

- Male or Female Irish accent